Exposure table

The exposure table displays the aggregated positions for individual currencies. All open positions for a currency are aggregated into a single line, which shows the net of all long and short positions for the currency. Only those currencies involved in open trades are shown in this table.

Note: If you don't see all these columns, click the User-added image button beside the table to add them from the table configuration window.

User-added image

Exposure table columns

First column: Indicates whether the exposure is short or long. (Nil indicates that the net effect of positions has created a zero, or nil, effect on a specific currency exposure. For instance, if you are short 10,000 EUR/JPY and long 10,000 EUR/USD, your EUR exposure is expressed as "nil".)
  • • Market: the exposure's currency
  • • Units: the size of the exposure, in units of the exposure's currency

Close a currency exposure

Click on a row to open a window in which you can close the exposure to that currency. When you close an exposure, it will simultaneously close all trades involving that currency. For example, closing an EUR exposure closes all trades involving EUR as either the base or quote currency.

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