How does OANDA Corporation (US) hold my money?

OANDA Corporation holds its operating and customer funds in accounts at top tier banks. When we initially select banks to deposit funds, a thorough review of the bank’s credit rating and financial statements are conducted and completed. We use certain criteria to evaluate the financial condition of the bank. Subsequent reviews are performed at least once a year.
What happens to my money once I make a deposit?
US regulations do not permit Forex accounts to have segregated account status. This means that client funds are held in the same bank account as OANDA Corporation operating funds.
What happens to my money if OANDA Corporation goes into liquidation?
In the US there is no state or federal insurance program for Forex accounts. In the unlikely event OANDA Corporation should become insolvent or file for protection under the bankruptcy laws, you may have only an unsecured claim against your deposited funds. An unsecured claim means that in the event of liquidation, all debts to creditors would be paid before any unsecured claims. 
What happens if one of the banks OANDA Corporation uses to hold my money goes into liquidation?

In the event of any insolvency of the bank holding your money, we may have only an unsecured claim against the bank on behalf of you and our other clients.

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