How to create additional accounts

You can create up to 19 sub-accounts in any of our nine major currencies, such as USD or EUR. To create additional 'sub-accounts' login to your account via our website.

You can also access this information directly from fxTrade platform by selecting 'Account' and then choosing 'Create Sub-Account'.

Why create additional accounts?

  • • Diversifies your risk. Use different accounts to use different trading strategies or leverage. Hedge or diversify currency rate risk. It allows you to allocate your funds into different currencies.
  • • Segregates your trades. If one account gets a margin closeout, your trades in other accounts are not affected
  • • Set up an MT4 account, required to trade on the MetaTrader 4 interface
  • • Save on deposit and withdrawal fees or third-party currency exchange charges for certain currencies.

To create a sub-account:

1. Sign in to My funds.
2. Click 'Add New Sub-Account'
3. Specify a name, currency, and leverage for the new sub-account.

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