How to fund your account

The My funds page enables you to fund your account by bank wire, credit card, PayPal or cheque. If funding by bank wire, follow the steps below. Please note that OANDA cannot debit your bank account directly.

  1. 1. Sign in to My funds
    To sign in to 'My funds' easily in the future, bookmark this page.

  2. 2. Provide your bank account details
    Select the sub-account to which you want to add funds. Next, click 'Deposit' and then select the bank transfer method. If you are sending bank wires for the first time, select the 'New Bank Account' option from the “Select a bank account” drop-down list. We will also need a copy of your bank statement to confirm the account is held in your name.

  3. 3. Follow the bank instructions provided
    To obtain custom instructions on how to send your funds, click the 'Proceed' button. Please note that the custom instructions vary by currency, so be sure to obtain a new set of instructions for each currency you send us.

  4. 4. Send your funds to OANDA
    If you need to visit your bank to initiate a bank wire transfer, be sure to print out the instructions and bring them along with you.

  5. 5. Check your email
    We will send you an email when your funds are credited.

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