How to Keep Track of Your Trades

What happens when you open a trade?

When a market order is submitted, it is settled immediately and becomes an open position subject to rate fluctuations in the market. This means that when the rate moves, the value of the position moves to reflect either an unrealized profit or loss.

When you close an open position, you are paid or charged the difference between the rate at the time the order was executed, and the current market rate—in other words, the unrealized profit or loss at the time you close the position becomes realized profit or loss.

Track your trades in real time:

  1. The Trades table shows all of your open positions with their current unrealized profit/loss.
  2. The Account Summary shows details for the currently selected account—such as the account balance, the unrealized profit / loss for all open trades, the realized profit / loss for closed trades, and available margin.

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