How to Place Entry Orders

Entry Orders let you act on possible future changes in the market rate. Unlike market orders, which are executed when you submit them, Entry Orders are only executed if the market rate reaches a price you specify in advance.

Create a Entry Order:

  1. Open the Order window.
    Click in the Rate Panel over the currency pair you want to trade.
  2. Click the Entry Order tab.
  3. Specify the trade.
    Click buy or sell, verify the currency pair, and type the number of units.
  4. Provide a price.
    If this price is reached by the market, the Entry Order will be triggered and an open position created.
  5. Set an expiry period.
  6. Include other options.
    You can add stop profits, take profits, or trailing stops. They apply only if the Entry Order is triggered.
  7. Click Submit.

TIP: The Orders tab lets you track, modify and cancel Entry Orders.

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