How to contact OANDA to look into a trade or order

Whenever you have questions about your trades and/ or orders, we are happy to assist. Below is information that will help you with this process. How does the process work? back to top

Please submit all the relevant information about your trades and/ or orders, so that we can investigate and provide you with a detailed analysis. You can do this by clicking on and filling out the Trade enquiries form (editable PDF) image below. Once it is downloaded and filled out, you can then email it back to us. 

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Who do I contact? back to top

Please submit the form using the following format:
  • • Email the form to
  • • In the subject line include: "Trade investigation" followed by the instrument involved, for example: EUR/USD, BCO/USD, UK100/GBP or XAU/USD​​​​
  • • Attach the corresponding form.
What information do I need to provide? back to top

To ensure accurate and speedy processing, please provide as much information as possible about your trades or orders such as those listed below:
  • • Your username and account ID number (for example, 001-001-1234567-001 or MT4 account ID 7654321)
  • • The trading platform used at the time such as fxTrade or MT4. Also, which medium you used to access the platforms such as desktop, mobile, web or any third-party system. 
  • • The ticket number or transaction ID of the trades or orders involved
  • • The instrument(s) involved
  • • The time and date of the transaction
  • • Please describe the issue with your trades or orders
  • • Screenshots of your platform regarding the trades or order
  • • What remediation or assistance you would like us to provide.
What is the average response time? back to top

As trade inquiries vary in their complexity, so too does the time it takes to respond to these inquiries. However, you should receive a response in two to five business days.

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