MetaTrader 4 (MT4) user guide

If your question relates to OANDA’s proprietary platform, please refer to our Platform user guide.
The MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform is provided by MetaQuotes Software Corp. If you experience trouble using the MT4 platform or cannot log in, please refer to our MT4 troubleshooting FAQ page. For further instructions on how to use MT4, please refer to the official platform user guide on the MetaTrader 4 website.

 System requirements and platform compatibility
Download the MT4 platform on a Windows-based device
How to install MT4 on my Mac computer
What is my MT4 log in ID and server?
How to reset the MT4 account password
How do I add an MT4 account?
How do I log in to my MT4 platform?
How do I setup a price alert

 How do I add more symbols to trade on MT4

System requirements and platform compatibility back to top

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Download the MT4 platform on a Windows-based device back to top

To download an .exe file for your windows device, click the image below.

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Alternatively, you can find the download button on the ‘My Account’ home page after you have logged in to our website.

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How to install MT4 on Mac computers back to top

Please refer to the official guide on how to install MT4 on Mac computers, written by MetaQuotes Software Corp.

What is my MT4 login ID and sever? back to top

Please follow the instructions below to locate your MT4 login ID and server.

1. Sign in to your account on OANDA’s website, click on ‘View’ under ‘Manage Funds’

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2. Select your MT4 sub-account from the grey column on the left:

• Login - once selected the subaccount will be highlighted in white and the v20 MT4 Account Login appears on the right
• The server name - also appears on the right below the login
• The password - is the password you created either when you added the subaccount or the password you set when you first signed up for an OANDA account (for MT4 subaccounts that were automatically created during registration). To reset your MT4 password please refer to the MT4 password reset troubleshooting guide.

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How do I add an MT4 account? back to top

You can sign in to your account on OANDA’s website and add additional MT4 sub-accounts by following the numbered steps and corresponding images below:
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1. Click on ‘Add Sub-Account’
2. Select account type ‘v20 MetaTrader 4’
3. Create an account password and then type it in a second time to confirm it

4. There are two ‘Account Type’ options. Choose ‘MT4’ for a standard MT4 account or ‘MT4 Active’ to trade larger volumes per trade.
5. Enter a name/nickname to be associated with the new sub-account
6. Select the currency type for your new sub-account
7. Select the leverage setting for your new sub-account.
8. Click ‘Save’ to complete your sub-account creation process.

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How do I log in to the MT4 platform? back to top

Once you have retrieved your log in information, please follow the numbered instructions and corresponding images below to sign in on to the MT4 platform.  

1. Open OANDA MT4
2. Click on ‘File’ located in the top left-hand corner of the platform
3. Click on ‘Login to Trade Account’
4. Enter your login, password and assigned server
5. Click on ‘Login’.


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How do I add more instruments to trade on MT4? back to top

When your platform is loaded for the first time, only a set of most popular instruments (symbols) are listed by default. Please follow the numbered instructions and corresponding image below to add your desired instrument(s) to the ‘Market Watch’ section:

1. Click ‘View’
2. Click ‘Symbols’
3. Click on your desired instrument
4. Click ‘Show’ to add it the Market Watch section.

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