How to place a market order

Below is a list of instructions to complete a market order.
  2. 1. Open a trade ticket (new order window) by selecting ‘New Trade’ or clicking ‘Sell’ or ‘Buy’
  3. 2. Make sure you have selected ‘Market Order’
  4. 3. Choose whether you wish ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’
  5. 4. Verify that the instrument selected is the one you wish to trade
  6. 5. Input the number of units you want to trade
  7. 6. Set your trade preferences, such as ‘Stop Loss’ or ‘Take Profit’ order
  8. 7. Click ‘Submit’ to place the order
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Please note: if an order is successful and a trade is executed, the exchange rate obtained for the trade will correspond to the most current exchange rate maintained at the OANDA fxTrade servers and not necessarily the rate you saw in the ‘BUY/SELL’ market order window. This is because the rate may change due to market conditions during the time it takes to process and confirm the order.

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