Pull-Down Menus

Connection Menu

Connects the fxTrade platform to the server. When the platform is connected, currency rates are displayed in real time and transactions are possible.

Disconnects the fxTrade platform from the OANDA server. The fxTrade Platform remains open, but currency rates are no longer updated and transactions are not possible.

Locks the platform. To access it again, you need to type your password.

Signs you out and exits the fxTrade Platform.

Account Menu

Buy or Sell
Opens a Buy/Sell window to issue market or limit orders.

Close All
Lets you close either all active trades or all active orders. (If you close all active orders, Stop Loss and Take Profit orders associated with active trades are not affected.) Also allows you to close only profitable or only unprofitable trades.

Full Transaction History
Opens a new browser window to view the list of all transactions that have occurred in your account. (For details on this window, go to the Transaction History Window section.)

Account Statement
Opens a new browser window to view your account statements in PDF format.

Account Details
Takes you to your My Account page.

Account Statistics
Shows you weekly, monthly and yearly trading volume, and profit and loss statistics for your account.

Change Password
Lets you change your fxTrade password.

Deposit Funds
Opens a new browser window to the My Funds page, where you can add funds to your account.

Withdraw Funds
Opens a new browser window to the My Funds page, where you can withdraw funds from your account.

Transfer Funds
Opens a new browser window to the My Funds page, where you can transfer funds between your sub-accounts.

Add or Remove Funds
(fxTrade Practice only) Lets you add or remove funds from the current account.

Reset Profit/Loss
(fxTrade Practice only) Resets your profit and loss value to zero. Your trades stay open.

Change Leverage
Lets you modify your account leverage. (To see the current leverage, select Account > Account Details.)

Sign in as Another User
Opens a window where you can sign in as another user without having to sign out first.

Create Sub-Account
Lets you create a sub-account. (Find out more about multicurrency accounts on the fxTrade web site.)

Change Account
Change from viewing one account to another. (Another way to switch accounts is to use the sub account switcher buttons in the extended view of the Account Summary.)

Change Profiles on Switch: This sub-menu choice enables accounts to appear with their associated profile (if you've set up different profiles for different accounts). For details, see Set Up Multiple Profiles.

Tools Menu

Lets you show or hide parts of the fxTrade window.

Font Size
Lets you adjust the display font size ranging from 10-20 points. The default size is 10 points.

Colour Scheme
Lets you choose pre-defined colour schemes, or create your own.

Lets you change the language used in the interface.

Always on Top
Keeps the checked trading platform window types on the top of your computer screen, over top of windows from any other application.

PIP/Profit Calculator
Lets you enter information for a potential trade, then calculate the profit & loss for a specified closing rate. 

User Preferences
Opens a window where you can change the defaults for the chart, quotes, trading windows, and other miscellaneous settings. For details, go to User Preferences.

Save Current Profile
Allows you to save the current settings in the current profile. You can also save the profile by pressing F12.

Profile Manager
Lets you create and manage multiple profiles. For details, see Set Up Multiple Profiles.

Resources Menu

Each of these menu items opens a new browser window or tab.

Technical Analysis
Access automated technical analysis powered by Autochartist.

Access continuously updated world and multi-topic news from various financial news sources, including Dow Jones, 4CAST News (Live accounts only), and the OANDA Marketpulse team.

Access OANDA’s award-winning market analysis and commentary blog.

4CAST News, Commentary and Analysis
Access current market news from 4CAST (Live accounts only).

Economic Calendar
Access a PDF document with the current month's calendar of scheduled news and announcements relating to the forex market.

Interest Rates
Find out current and historical interest rates for any currency supported on the fxTrade platform. These rates are used by OANDA to calculate the intra-day and/or daily interest rate.

Trading Forums
Access an interactive forum where you can share tips and learn from other currency traders.

Spread Statistics
View the bid/ask spreads for each of the currency pairs offered by OANDA. The spreads are plotted graphically over a 7-day time horizon for each currency pair. You can select which currency pairs are shown.

OANDA Forex Order Book
View a graph showing the distribution of all orders currently open in the fxTrade system.

Long-Short Ratios
View graphs showing the current trading activity in the fxTrade system for the major currency pairs.

Market Hours
View the market hours for the major currency markets.

Account Calculators
Access a variety of calculators useful for typical fxTrade actions.

Window Menu

This window lists all extra fxTrade windows, and lets you perform the following actions on them:

Bring All To Front
Shows all the extra fxTrade windows above all other application windows on your screen.

Minimize All
Minimizes all extra fxTrade windows except for the main platform window. (To see them again, select Window > Bring All To Front.)

Close All
Closes all extra fxTrade windows (but not the main platform window).

Help Menu

Keyboard Shortcuts
View a list of available shortcuts. Alternatively, press the F1 key on your keyboard.

FX Trading Documentation and Help
Opens the Support and Learning section of the fxTrade web site. This section provides extensive documentation, help, and resources on currency trading and the forex market.

Contact Us
Find out how to contact OANDA online or by phone.

Live Help
Start an online chat session with an OANDA customer service representative.

Access information about OANDA, the creator of the fxTrade platform.

About OANDA fxTrade
Lists who created the fxTrade platform.

Open Debug Window
If you encounter problems while using fxTrade, select this menu option to obtain data that can help diagnose your problem and send it to OANDA for assistance.

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