Rate list and rate panel

What are the rate list and rate panel?

The rate list and rate panel show different views of the current OANDA buy/sell rates for currency pairs supported by the fxTrade platform. These rates are updated in real time.

When there is movement in the exchange rate for a currency pair, the up/down (green/red) indicators alert you to the direction of change. These indicators help you track the currency pairs you are not currently viewing in the graph.

View the rate list and rate panel by clicking on their respective tabs.

How rates are displayed in the rate list and rate panel

The first rate displayed is the bid (sell) rate. The second rate is the ask (buy) rate.

Most currency pair rates use five decimal places, with the fourth decimal place acting as the "pip" and the fifth decimal place acting as the "pipette." Some pairs use three decimal places (for example, XAU/USD, or those with a rate currency of JPY, THB, or HUF). In this case, the pip is the second decimal place and the pipette is the third decimal place.

Select which rates appear in the rate list and rate panel

  • Click the 'Rate List' tab to switch to the list view of rates; click the 'Rate Panel' tab to switch to the panel view of rates.
  • Click User-added imageto open a filter window to specify which rates you want to be displayed.
  • Click on a currency pair's ask price to open a buy order window for that currency pair.
  • Click on a currency pair's bid price to open a sell order window for that currency pair.
  • Click on a currency pair to open the graph for that currency pair in a new window.
  • Click to User-added imageopen the Rate List and Rate Panel in a separate window.
  • Select Tools > View > Rate┬áList Panel to hide the Rate List and Rate Panel.
  • Click, hold, and drag a currency pair to move its position in the list. (To keep your changes for future sessions, select Tools > Save Current Profile.)

Additional actions from the rate list

  • Click User-added imageto add an extra column showing the current spread for each pair. (spread statistics for the previous week are available on the fxTrade website.)
  • You can either view the bid rate followed by the last few digits of the ask rate, or see the two rates in separate columns. (For separate columns, select Tools > User Preferences, go to the Misc tab, and check the Show Dual Bid/Ask Columns check box. Then select Tools > Save Current Profile to save the setting for future sessions.)

Place a market order with one click from the rate panel (One-click trading)

  • From the rate panel, click the 'One-Click Mode' button:
  • The rate panel adds units fields (as pictured above) where you can change the size of the trade. These fields are pre-filled with default values.
  • Scroll to the currency pair that you want to trade, verify and update the number of units you want to trade, and then click the 'BUY' or 'SELL' side of the rate.
  • By default, a verification window appears for you to confirm your trade.
  • (To avoid seeing this window, deselect the Confirm 'One-Click Trades' preference on the chart tab of the user preferences window.)

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