Summary of OANDA's currency services

About OANDA's charged services

Most services listed on the 'Rate Subscriptions' section of our website require payment. To use these services, you must register online to create a rate subscriptions account. When creating an account you specify a username and a password, which we use to verify that some other person is not using your OANDA account to display charged services.

What's the difference between online registration and subscription?

When you register online to use a charged service, you create an OANDA account by providing us with some information about yourself and choosing a user name and password for your new account. You may customize your currency tools once you are registered; however, they are not activated until you subscribe to our services.

If you are intending to subscribe to our customizable currency services, by registering you are entitled to build and test a customized currency converter free of charge. For some of the rate subscriptions services, you have the option to subscribe to either the free version (which includes banner advertising from our sponsors), or to opt for the paid version without banner advertising.

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Note: If you would prefer to provide your credit card information by telephone or fax, please contact us first for details.

What's free and what's charged?

The table below summarizes the free and the charged services offered by OANDA.

How do I know I'm using a charged service?

Most of OANDA's online currency tools are free. If you are using a charged service, you have been given access to a restricted area by one of OANDA's team and you were given detailed information on the charges that will apply to your account. 

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