The fxTrade platform does not load. What should I do?

When you sign in to the OANDA fxTrade Platform, a small loading window should appear in order to launch the platform. If you do not see the window or the window appears but the loading bar does not progress, please do the following:

1. Allow pop-ups from by following the instructions here: troubleshooting-popup. Popup blocking software will not allow the trading platform to load.

2. Install or update Java. OANDA fxTrade is Java based, therefore Java must be installed and up to date in order for the platform to load. Please visit and click on Free Java Download to check your Java version and download the latest version if you don't have it.

3. Clear Java cache: troubleshooting-cache

4. Find more helpful suggestions for common issues on our troubleshooting help page: troubleshooting

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