OANDA Desktop Trading: trading activity symbols

Using our mobile app or OANDA Web? Please see our OANDA Mobile Trading user guide or OANDA Web Trading user guideThe OANDA Desktop Trading uses distinct symbols to indicate particular trading activities (for example, when an entry order was placed or when a take profit was executed).
This article is broken into the following sections:

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Note: This table shows the default platform colours. (To change these colours, select Tools > Colour Scheme > Edit Custom Theme.)

User-added imageBuy market orderUser-added imageA market buy immediately closed
User-added imageBuy entry orderUser-added imageAn entry buy order later closed 
User-added imageBuy entry order (original)User-added imageAn entry buy order modified with a new take profit.
User-added imageSell marketUser-added imageAn sell market trade (immediately closed).
User-added imageSell entry orderUser-added imageA sell Entry Order (later filled).
User-added imageSell entry order (original)User-added imageA sell Entry Order, modified with a new take profit value.
User-added imageUsed when there's more than one modification to an orderUser-added imageA buy Entry Order modified twice.
User-added imageCancelled or expired entry order (buy or sell)   User-added imageA buy Entry Order expired (without the take profit being reached).
User-added imageStop loss triggeredUser-added image

User-added image
A sell market with take profit (bottom, green) and stop loss (top, red).

A stop loss triggered on a buy market trade.
User-added imageTake profit triggered
User-added image
A take profit triggered on a market buy
User-added imageMargin closeoutUser-added imageA market buy is closed by a margin closeout during an unexpected market change

Actions you can take using trading activity symbols back to top

1. To see basic information
  • Hold the cursor over the symbol to see its information in the upper-left corner of the graph.

2. To modify or close an active order or trade
  • For active orders or trades, click on their symbol and choose from the options in the sub-menu.

3. To see detailed closing information
  • For completed orders or trades, click on their symbol and choose view details from the sub-menu.

Show or Hide Trading Activity Symbols back to top

Click the Chart Options button User-added image located on the top-right corner above the graph to:

Show (or hide) indicators for all activity (including historical activity)
Show only those indicators for active trades and orders

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