OANDA v20 trading engine FAQ

What is v20?
v20 is our latest trading and fastest trading engine.

What platforms support v20?
All of our platforms currently support v20.

Does it cost more money to use v20?
No, it does not cost additional money to use v20 compared to other trading engines.  
If you can’t log in to your MT4 account after upgrading to v20, follow these steps:
  1. 1. First sign in online
  2. 2. Click on ‘Manage Funds (view)’
  3. 3. Click on your ‘MT4 account‘
  4. 4. Note your v20 MT4 account login and server

To reset your MT4 account password, please visit our website.
To reset your MT4 demo account password, please visit our website.
Please note: if you do not see your MT4 server on the platform login window, please refer to our MT4 server list refresh guide
I'm an existing customer, can I open a v20 account?
Yes. When you open a new sub-account, it will automatically be created as a v20 account.
Can I use the OANDA APIs with v20?
Yes. For more information, please see our v20 REST API getting started guide. If you are using a legacy API, you will need to make changes to your code to work with the v20 API.

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