Why didn't my trade execute?

Your trade most likely did not execute because the applicable market price has not reached the price you specified. Depending on your chart settings, the chart you are viewing may not be showing the type of price applicable to your trade.

Many of the charts on fxTrade use the average price, meaning an average between the bid and the ask prices, so they dont take into account the spread. A long (Buy) trade will open at the ask price and close at the bid price. A short (Sell) trade will open at the bid price and close at the ask price.To verify the actual traded prices, you can add a bid or ask price overlay to the chart on fxTrade platform by clicking on Add Study at the lower left of the chart and selecting Price Overlay. There you will be able to select either High or Low, Bid or Ask price overlay. This will show you the price that triggers a trade.

Note for MT4 platform, it only shows the Bid price, to see the historical low/high Ask/Bid, you will need to go to the fxTrade and perform the procedures described above.

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